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1984 is when Andy started making things shine. Born in Dallas Texas 1963. He graduated high school from the Taipei American School in Taipei Taiwan in 1982. After several years of mainstream College at Southwest Texas State, he was hired on in a work / school program with a tech company in Dallas Texas. The school program was to supply highly trained opticians to support manufacturing optical components for military applications. He married his wife, Sharon, in 1987.  After 3 years manufacturing lenses and prisms in one of the most high tech optical Labs in the world, he moved to Austin Tx to start with a leading Ophthalmic company. The late 80's early 90's were a boom in the Eyeglass industry as the "one hour" market began to be real popular. He helped develop the market in Central Texas and spent the next 12 years  with that same company moving with them to open new markets over central Texas. His next career change put him with a group of young Ophthalmologist starting their new practice in the Austin area.  He helped them Open their practice which eventually expanded to 3 locations. The next 26 years with them allowed Andy and Sharon to be the guardians to lots of kids, expand their family and develop and follow their love of Rocks, Minerals and Nature. After exactly 26.5 years working at the same job, Andy put in his notice to retire and began his career doing his hobby full time.

 With no more than 1 week off between jobs, Andy had amassed a total of 38 years experience in the Optical industry where he was, at the time of retirement, ABO certified, NCLE certified and a leading local and national expert in Ophthalmic Optics. He has a specialty in lens manufacturing and corneal contact lens design and fitting.

Andy got some equipment and Rocks from his grandfather and that began his Lapidary Hobby. By 2014  he had made so many things from his hobby that he had trouble storing and displaying his "ART". With the urging of friends and family they decided to form a company, Shining Stone Designs LLC.

 Andy is...
1. An Industry Expert in Ophthalmic Optics
2. An Excellent Lapidary Artist
3. A really good Silver Smith

Come take a look at what he's selling
Shining Stone Designs
Mobile Rock Shop

Upcoming Markets and Craft Fairs, Fall and Winter 2023
A True Family Owned and Operated Business
There are hounds, you know, that hunt the fox.
Now, we are the hounds that hunt the rock.
We have rocks in the car; rocks in the shed; some even say we have rocks in the head!

We Love to hunt them on river and hill and to cut one in half is always a thrill.

When you travel far from your home, you'll find nothing as grand as a good Agate stone

God hid them in his mysterious way so they may be found in our time and day.

We search, we dig and hunt and hike
Each one is different, no two are alike.

To be out there in your walking shoes is always the cure for the worst of the blues

SO COME WITH US, Have a good look around. And you may become an avid

                Written by a Kindred Soul
The Rockhounds
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Fri Sat & Sun October 20-22       Austin Gem and Mineral Society
                                                    Palmer Auditorium Austin Tx

Saturday October 28th                Hogeye Festival Elgin Tx
                                                        Downtown Elgin Tx

Sat & Sun November 4-5th        Sun City's 27 Annual 
                                                   Hill Country Arts and Craft Fair

Saturday December  2nd           Bertram Country Christmas
                                                   Downtown Bertram Texas

Saturday December 16th           Cedar Park Market Days  
                                                   Cedar Park Tx