Turquoise Art
Ultra Fine, AAA Quality Turquoise. 

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Cut from a single nugget. This 5 piece custom cut freeform Turquoise is from the Nacozari Mine in Mexico. Not Dyed or colored. This stabilized Turquoise is very hard and of the best quality. All Metal is 925 Sterling Silver and the chain is 9mm loop doubled to increase strength. It uses a Bar and Loop clasp that is also Sterling Silver.

Ask to try it on at one of our next shows. And yes, You can take a selfie of yourself
wearing it! This piece of art tends to come across very dressy and would be perfect
for that special evening where you want to shine.


Yes... it can be shortened. Almost all of Andys custom 3 and five piece necklaces are made intentionally long so they can be shortened to each buyers specific length

     Technically this is not a calibrated or freeform cabochon. It is considered a carving. The stone is from some of the Kingman Arizona Turquoise we purchased in 2014 in Tucson Arizona's Gem and mineral show. This stone has turned out to be some of the prettiest and hardest Turquoise I have ever worked with. The finished piece with silver weighs in at 14.0grams. I went around the stone with a very thick 22 gage Sterling Silver strip that tapers off in width to follow the stone contour. 
     This piece was not "Made in China". This pendant was custom cut from raw stone to finished wearable art in Austin Texas. 

We have decided to keep pictures of sold pieces up to give people the chance to see what 
Shining Stone Designs is all about. Visit our shows listed on the front page to see all of our inventory

                                                        SOLD but not forgotten
This one is a Gorgeous 3 piece Kingman Arizona stabilized Turquoise necklace with Sterling Silver on all metal components. Front side is domed and back side is flat on all three stones. These freeform cabochons are extremely high quality and allow us to use less silver and show more stone. our price reflects this savings. The clasp is a Sterling toggle type (bar and ring) and the chain is a figure eight type sterling silver. I generally try to leave the chain slightly long as it is easier to shorten the chain by removing a few links on each side. The bails are Sterling Silver "ice-pick" type pinch connectors that stick into the drilled ends of the cabochons and are then glued with jewelers epoxy. (They ain't coming off)...


This Aqua colored gem was salvaged from a damaged necklace and re purposed into this Sterling Sliver
rimmed pendant. I'm not sure where this stone comes from or how old it is. Its color was so good and the matrix is a gorgeous brown that It looks like it is old stock Kingman Turquoise from Arizona. The previous necklace was of southwestern / American Indian type style (most turquoise necklaces are) and this was the only turquoise that could be salvaged. 

argh...    sold again....    whoever got this one is in the shine now...    love the Aqua...   classic...

OMG! This has got to be my finest blue chunk of Turquoise I've gotten. This is from the Nacozari mine in Mexico and was fine ground and polished on one side only and left the other side as I received it. This was done to leave this piece as thick as possible and it is Very durable. This piece has been clear stabilized but has not been died or colored. I shaped it as little as possible and applied a Sterling Silver Ice-Pick Pinch finding that I Sealed with jewelers Epoxy. This piece will resist chips and scratches easily so I have applied as little silver as possible. This makes this pendant AAA Quality stone with out all the price increase from silvering. 
Stone with Silver Finding weighs 16.75 grams. 

                                                            Was sad to see this one SOLD
                                                            Ask to see some of this same
                                                            stone    I got more     :)
                                                            Nacozari Turquoise "flats"
                                                                        LOOKS LIKE CANDY

                                                 Front side                                        Back side
                    Front Side                                        Back Side
Kept it sweet and simple. Smaller Arizona Kingman freeform cabochon with a Sterling Silver Ice-Pick finding. This is a beautiful pendant

                   Front Side                                       Back Side
Another simple one    This excellent pattern / Matrix on this stone needed to be left alone so both sides were left flat and there is a little contouring to the front surface of this stone. Either side of this piece can be shown. Absolutely unique.    
stone with Sterling Silver finding weighs 6.4 grams
Top to bottom on stone measures 30.0mm
Top of finding to bottom of stone is 37.0mm
Widest point is 22.0mm

                    Front Side                                       Back Side
               Kingman Custom Pendant 
Kingman 3 Piece with sterling Silver Necklace 181
Aqua Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant 
Nacozari Turquoise one sided Pendant 
Kingman Arizona Turquoise Pendant  
Kingman Arizona Turquoise Pendant