Other Services Available
Shining Stone designs does more than just make beautiful stone jewelry, they also 
replace missing or broken stone inside existing settings. Bring it by one of the shows
and we can discuss how we do it. Or send us an Email and Andy may be willing to work with you by mail. Depends on what you got and need. 
  Missing a stone.  This Vintage R. Wiley Cuff needed a stone replacement and after  
  Choosing a suitable replacement color and matrix it was cut and shaped to match the 
  existing bezel and placed.       Click a thumb to see the gallery
Nice 18k gold setting with a missing stone. This customer selected a Palomino Jasper from our selection of available stone.  Cut and polished to match the existing bezel then 
Completely clean and reshape and polish the gold setting. Looks like new
                                                Click on a thumb to see the Gallery
Contracted to design a custom "unisex" turquoise necklace. This customer wanted some of the best Kingman Turquoise Cabochons which I cut from a single stone. All Sterling Silver with Braded Leather
                                              Designed and Made To Order

​Back Side      After
Back Side     Before
This Customer entrusted us with an Amethyst chip she had gotten and wanted to see what we could do with it. I noticed the "base" where the crystals grow from was very Hard and straight so our assumption was correct that it would take an excellent polish.