At Shining Stone Designs we specialize in making stones shine. So if you have that beloved ring or pendant just sitting in a drawer, Pull it out and with just a few pics we can give you a quote and what is involved in bringing it back to life

Your Grandmother would be Proud you are still wearing her Ring
Lapidary Services 
Repolish an Existing Stone
Replace a missing or damaged stone

Looking for something different to give that special someone? At Shining Stone Designs we have put together some of the best and most unique offerings from Nature
Etsy Sales of  Quality Gifts from Mother Nature

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Hand Made Turquoise Jewelry
Exotic Lapidary Creations
We specialize in Exotic Stone Repair, Replacement or Repolishing on Vintage Silver Jewelry. 
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Lapidary Services
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Shining Stone Designs ATX
Flowers Eventually wither and die; Amethyst Crystals will SHINE FOREVER
                Jewelry Sells better in Person...

Come see us at one of our Spring and Fall Markets.
We set up our "mobile rock shop" in and around the Austin Texas area to sell what we think YOU would be interested in. 
Hand Made Silver Turquoise Rings and Pendants
AAA Amethyst Geodes on Stands
Labradorite Jewelry and Display Pieces
Rose Quartz
Tiger eye
And Many Other Exotic Stone and Crystals from around the World    See our Show Listings page for dates
Shining Stone Designs
Exotic Rocks, Minerals and Crystals from Around the World
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